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Welcome to Moore To See Photo Expeditions..

..where we will help you discover the Virginia Beach most people never see!

Campbell's Landing - Back BayCampbell's Landing - Back BayJanuary 2017 - Back Bay froze over.

Welcome to Moore To See Photo Expeditions!!

Tours are geared to the nature-lover, bird and wildlife enthusiast, conservationist, photographer, and those seeking to find peacefulness and discover a sense of place!

I stand ready to show you the some of the most beautiful, remote and secluded environments in Virginia Beach! Join me for a private boat tour of some of the most scenic and unique ecosystems on the East Coast. Visit the marshy estuarine environment and maritime forest of Back Bay and False Cape or the freshwater tidal marshes and forested swamps of the North Landing River. Ride with me to visit an island that is a rookery with over a thousand nesting pairs of wading birds! A short boat ride will take you to one of the least developed areas on the East Coast - False Cape State Park - where you can see miles of unspoiled beaches, the remains of the abandoned settlement of Wash Woods and 4 distinct plant community types. Osprey, Bald Eagles, Otters, Egrets, Muscrats, Cottonmouths, Ibis, Herons, ducks, Swans and many, many more types of wildlife are common sightings on the backwaters!

The unique ecosystems hidden in plain sight away from the hustle of the tourist strip are some of the most diverse and extensive on the East Coast.

Spectacular Scenery! Incredible sunsets and sunrises! Amazing wildlife! 

Tour Destinations!

Back Bay & Knott's Island Bay - Explore one of the most extensive and diverse ecosystems in Virginia that includes over 60,000 acres of marsh, swamp, wetlands and open water. Cruise among the islands and shorelines of this undisturbed natural area admiring the fantastic views while searching for the wildlife that abounds in the brackish waters of this unique environment. 

The area is home to eight rare ecological communities, 40 rare plant occurrences, and 10 rare animals including the Bald Eagle, Least Bittern, and Canebrake Rattlesnake!

You will be amazed at what lies just a few hundred yards from the Atlantic Coast beaches and throngs of tourists!



Muskrat Sunrise -Long Island, Back BayMuskrat Sunrise -Long Island, Back BayMuskrat Sunrise<br/>Back Bay<br/>Copyright_Erik_Moore

North Landing River - The North Landing R. and tributaries region is one of the richest ecosystems on the East Coast, harboring over 50 rare and endangered plant and animal species. It has been ranked as one of the Top 10 "coastal strongholds" from Maine to Virginia. Freshwater tidal marsh, pocosins, and forested swamps are home to otters, muscrat, deer, bear, Bald Eagles and Osprey among other species. On the river there is also a wildlife viewing platform as well as a secluded dock on which we may stop and admire the dark,  tannic waters as they slowly flow towards the Carolina sounds.

Part of the Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal and the intracoastal waterway, take this tour on the North Landing to get up close and personal with nature, learn some of the local history, and take photographs you just can't take from shore!


Osprey Nest - North Landing RiverOsprey Nest - North Landing RiverOsprey on the North Landing River - Virginia Beach, VA
Great White EgretMonkey IslandGreat White Egret rookery on Monkey Island

The Rookery - Currituck Sound - Birdwachers - come aboard! We will travel south down the North Landing River into the Currituck Sound and visit a remote, natural island just over the VA-NC border that is listed as an "Important Bird Area" by the Audubon Society and home to over a thousand pairs of breeding wading birds. You will be astonished at the number of birds on this little island and the noise level of adults and chicks! Be prepared to be amazed and to take pictures of Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Glossy Ibis, Great Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons, Tricolored Herons and Osprey!!

The island also has an interesting history that ranges from a summer camp of local Indians hundreds of years ago to hunting lodges for the wealthy elite.


South Inlet - False CapeSouth Inlet - False CapeSouth Inlet<br/>Back Bay<br/>False Cape State Park<br/> <br/>Copyright_Erik_Moore

False Cape - day trips and overnight stays!!

Spend the day or the night in one of the last remaining undeveloped areas along the Atlantic Coast in a converted hunting lodge! Experience nature in a unique, primitive setting. False Cape has several distinct community types: beach, interdunal wetlands, swamp forest, maritime forest, and marsh and is home to over two dozen state-rare plants and animals.

A short mile walk from the beach to Back Bay will take you through several community types. Bobcat, fox, feral pigs, deer and coyote are some of the animals to be on the lookout for within the park. From the beach keep your eyes open for seals, whales, dolphin, Pelicans and terns. When you reach Back Bay, herons, egrets, Osprey, Bald Eagles and kingfishers are likely sightings.

Boat tours will be included for both overnight and day tours.


All of our private tours are customized based on your desires, the season, water levels and the weather. We will discuss your needs and desires along with possible options prior to your tour. All boat tours are for 1-4 guests.

For photographers, light availability is most important. I am more than willing to discuss being on the water as early in the morning or late in the afternoon as you like.

To learn more about boat tours to discover Back Bay, Knott's Island Bay, the North Landing River & tributaries, False Cape (including overnight stays), and even a nearby rookery, visit our Tours page. For prices, visit the Rates page.

I look forward to helping you discover a part of our region most never see!!

Capt. Erik Moore 

United States Coast Guard certified Captain

Licensed & Insured

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