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Welcome to Moore To See Photo Expeditions..

..where we will help you discover the Virginia Beach most never see!

Campbell's Landing - Back BayCampbell's LandingJanuary 2017 - Back Bay froze over.

Some of the most beautiful parts of Virginia Beach are rarely visited. Few locals or the millions of tourists that visit the coastal beaches each year have the opportunity to see that part of Virginia Beach that has scarcely changed for millennia. There are miles of rivers, creeks, and bays in the southern half of the city that are accessible by boat just waiting to be rediscovered. In 1728, while surveying the border between Virginia and North Carolina, Col. William Byrd called the area "The Green Sea." Beautiful, undisturbed natural areas that make for relaxing trips on the water and beautiful photographs await you.

Virginia Beach has thousands of acres of marsh and pocosins, Bald Cypress and hardwood forests.  The region abounds with wildlife as well with over 40 species of rare and endangered plants and animals. Otters, nutria and muscrats can be seen swimming in the tannic waters. Bear, mink, deer, racoons and bobcat are some of the native species to be on the lookout for. Wild horses and hogs have inhabited the shores since colonial times. Millions of birds make the area their home and stop to feed and rest on their migrations along the Atlantic Flyway. Bald Eagles are to be found year round. Depending on the season, Northern Harriers, Osprey and Peregrine Falcons are some of the raptors you might see. Great Blue and Little Blue Herons, Cattle Egrets, Great White Herons, Ibis, Green Herons and thousands of ducks are some of the birds that inhabit the marsh and shorelines.


Great White HeronsMonkey IslandGreat White Heron rookery on Monkey Island

Whether your interest is wildlife, landscape photography, birding, or simply being out in nature, join me on a trip through the Virginia Beach most people never get the chance to see. We will be on the search for beautiful landscapes, birds, and native animals as we cruise the waterways and discuss some of the local history on the North Landing River and Back Bay.


Capt. Erik Moore  eriknmoore@gmail.com